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Track List:

1. Amp

Writers: Kuro Torcelli, Steve Barksa, Timothy Hodge

Producers: Timothy Hodge, Dwayne Smith

2. Rember my blaze

Writers: Yung Neko, Hot Tech, Sharon Winters

Producers: Yung Neko,

3. Da Dynasty

Writers: Dwayne Smith, Kuro Torcelli, Sonielle Holmes

Producers: Dwayne Smith, Suplex Productions

4. Standing Tall

Writers: Sheryl Style, Timothy Hodge, Jah

ProducersSheryl Style, Timothy Hodge

5. Tell A Story

Writers: Timothy Hodge,

Producers: Timothy Hodge, Suplex Productions

6. The Hood

Writers: Yung Neko, Snow Man, Seth

Producers: Yung Neko, Snow Man

7. Grown & Sexy

Writers: Chasen B

Producers: Chasen B

8. Survive

Writers: Timothy Hodge, Sheryl Style

Producers: Timothy Hodge, Sheryl Style, Steve Barska

9. The Moon For You

Writers: Dwayne Smith, Torin Gray

Producers: Dwayne Smith

10. I Did not Crumble 

 Writers: Timothy Hodge, Dwayne Smith, Sheryl Style, Sonielle Holmes

Producers: Timothy Hodge, Sheryl Style


A&R: Hilary Adams

Executive Producers:

Yero Skurpsky, Kuro Torcelli

Album Producers

Timothy Hodge & Sonielle Holmes

(c) 2010 Hodge Music Group Recordings. All Rights Reserved